What you will learn from this book

Understand How Trust Engages Faith:

True and absolute trust will engage faith to the highest level. Once you realize the true reason of not completely trusting God, you will understand fear from another perspective.

The Truth About Fear:

The book will explain, with real life examples, how fear is deceptive, and it will explain the root of where fear is derived, and how it’s actually an attack on your soul.

We Fight In Spiritual Warfare Everyday Whether You Realize It Or Not:

Unfortunately, many people are so defeated in life, within many or all areas, and never figure out why. This is a battle that mankind cannot escape regardless of their beliefs.

Why God Chooses To Communicate To Us In Dreams:

This is the level of consciousness that doesn’t wrestle with God and the easiest way for Him to communicate with you, without you dismissing the message.

The Importance Of Knowing Biblical Truth:

The Bible and its sacred wisdom has been readily available for the world to study and experience for thousands of years. But, unfortunately, many people and believers don’t understand how true and literal these principles are, and that they are still relevant now more than ever before.

How Frequency Levels Affect Your Life:

Frequency is a measure of energy, which is in everything that exists and affects everything in your life.

The Warrior Within Me Book Trailer

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The Warrior Within Me, is a reflection of the biblical verse “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4.

Atheists come to be by searching and not finding or by not knowing. Agnostics feel that something higher than them may exist but are left unsure as to what that higher power may be or if it exists. Finally, some theists believe they have unlocked the secret of life. Nesheiwat will reveal The Real Secret.

  • The common denominator of all human beings from the beginning of time, is the raging storm within their souls. This battle within one’s self can be fought and won by applying The Real Secret.
  • This book was written after a quest for God began, and the answers came through that terrifying and uncertain seven-year period endured by Nesheiwat.
  • Readers will understand how trust engages faith, the truth about fear, how frequency levels affect your life, and the importance of knowing Biblical truth.

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